Get ready to fly on paper wings

THIS IS THE FRONT COVERYou are not alone, know that in this very moment before you read a moment longer. This may be why you came. Stories hold power. They give glimpses into another world, through this lens, this book, you can see a world where women support women over the thresholds of initiation. Celebrate the becoming of a mother, as well as of a child. You are not alone. Join us.

A doula supports women as they give birth, not replacing midwives but working alongside to support women emotionally and spiritually.

Do you want to be a doula?

Or are you already working with birthing women?

Do you like reading stories about how the life of a doula can be?

Then this story may be for you…read on.

A Doula’s Journey is not a ‘how-to’ book, it is not a text-book. It is a book that shows some of the complex and intertwined aspects that surround giving birth. Scientific research is balanced with introspection and daily living. This is a story of women, of birth, of transitions and living your truth grounded in the rhythms of nature.

Becoming a parent of a child is part of our biological patterning but it is often overlooked and under-rated as the important work that is raising future generations. Working with our ‘inner parenting’, the way we parent ourselves and how we ourselves were raised are paths towards becoming the people that we wish to be, the way in which we can parent ourselves and our children. Sharing these stories gives a rich depth into who we are and how we are in the world.

For many women in industrialized society giving birth in the 21st century can mean being subject to routine medical intervention. While modern-day obstetrics practice has undoubtedly saved many lives of both women and children it has also become routine procedure without always respecting the female ability to give birth unassisted.

Scientific research supports the fact that interfering with the natural birth process can have long-term implications in the life of the child, the effects of which can continue into adulthood. Are these routine procedures always necessary? The process of giving birth is not only a physiological act but also involves deep emotional and psychological roots. The hormones involved in birthing are the same hormones we feel when we fall in love, as what put the baby in there in the first place is what will help it to get out. There are basic biological functions involved in birth that are controlled exclusively by our endocrine system and their flow can be easily interrupted. It has become understood that having a doula, trained in understanding the natural birth process, present in the birthing room can assist the birthing process reducing the need for medical intervention.

Yet trauma happens. The question is how do we deal with it when it does? Do we have a framework within which to work, to understand and to allow healing to happen?

Sharing the story of one womans journey of how she dealt with these issues, how she found her way through lifes challenges is the base of this novel.

Prepare to see life, and birth, in a new light.

8 Responses to Get ready to fly on paper wings

  1. Penny Simkin says:

    Congratulations on completing your book. I’m not a Facebook person so will not be in on your launching. The book sounds fascinating. I’ll try to order it.
    Penny Simkin

  2. Heidi says:

    Well done lovely, congratulations
    Heidi xx

  3. if this book contains only a fraction of your wisdom and majik, it will surely be a timeless read that will support many in their own journey, as well as a delight to savor.

  4. Lucy says:

    Just reviewed it for Juno magazine, enjoyed it very much. Will be in the autumn issue.

  5. Just finished your book! Lovely and thought provoking. Written with a doulas heart.

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